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SK Sakib
Apr 12, 2022
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You are now ready, click on 'Send'. Result If the solution is installed Whatsapp Number List , you will see data appear in your event report after a few days. You can find this report under 'Configure'. Then you go to the 'Events' report. The solution tracks six different events: Screenshot of events in GA4 Screenshot of the event report in GA4. In this overview you can see how many Whatsapp Number List last longer than number of minutes and how many users are involved. With the slider under 'Mark as conversion' you can Whatsapp Number List which of these events you want to use as a conversion. For example, with a session duration of 5 minutes: Set GA4 session duration events as conversion Use the 'mark as Whatsapp Number List conversion' slider to set session duration events as conversion. Yes, this is it! With this, we migrated the target with target type 'Whatsapp Number List ' from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 . Below I will answer some questions you may have about this solution. Questions and comments Why should I Whatsapp Number List long sessions as a conversion? It is common in online marketing to track conversions when someone has bought something or has requested a quote. A purchase or request represents value for your organization. Long Whatsapp Number List usually represent no value. No transaction takes place and you cannot sell your visitors anything yet. Still, it sometimes makes sense to measure long sessions as conversion.