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Meet The Team


Pran Kumar Sharma

Founder & CEO

The man who created that block-buster series is none other than PRAN, who is considered as the father of Indian comics, because he was the one who in 1960, created first indigenous cartoon strips having Indian characters and based on local themes. Before that all comics were imported from foreign countries.


Maurice Horn, the editor of World Encyclopaedia of comics, has described him in his book, as Walt Disney of India.(page 42. 1999 edition) More than 2 million readers all over the country regularly enjoy the exploits of his famous characters - CHACHA CHAUDAHRY, SABU, SHRIMATIJI, PINKI, BILLOO, RAMAN and CHANNI CHACHI etc; which are published in 10 different languages all over India. Entertaining generation after generation, PRAN'S comics have been constant companion of every youngster's growing up. His all character are drawn from middle class society. He has so far published more than 500 titles and a number of newspapers regularly carry his features.


Traveled widely over the globe including countries like America, England, France, Germany, Australia, Spain, China, S.Korea etc he delivered speeches to the gatherings of cartoonists on the subject wherever he went.

Nikhil Pran.jpg

Nikhil Pran

Director, Pran's Features LLP

Comics and creativity are within his blood. Seen his father Pran making comics ever since his childhood. After graduating from Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal in 1991 he has joined his father in business.

He has steered the company to new horizon. Creating new content for comics, animation series, TV production, digital content on Amazon, Jio, Airtel. New collaborations are being formed with TV channels like Disney, Nickelodeon, Zee TV, Star, Discovery Kids. The company is venturing into gaming industry for Mobile games based on Chacha Chaudhary, Sabu, Billoo, Pinki.

CHACHA CHAUDHARY has been adapted for a TV Serial which was telecast up to 600 episodes on India's premier channel, Sahara ONE. That is countries first serial based on Indian comics.

Jyoti Pran.jpg

Jyoti Pran

Vice President, Content Sales

She has graduated from Delhi University in 1991 and joined the company. Since then she has been instrumental in licensing Intellectual Property of Pran to various newspapers, TV Channels, Amazon, Airtel, Jio, Hike, Trigma Technologies , Nazara Gaming , to name a few.

As a head of Content sales, her roll is to license our IP products. 

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