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Simu Aktar
Jun 11, 2022
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Tencent's Weishi, iQiyi's Whale Eater. Looking telemarketing list at these content forms, there are several terms that need to be explained: (1) OGC (Occupationally-generated Content) This refers to the filmmakers of variety shows and movies, professionally producing content. Users are willing to pay for copyright, which is the head resource for the survival of the current telemarketing list video platform. For example, Netflix in the United States, iQiyi in China, etc. (2) PGC (Professional Generated Content) This refers to a group of people who specialize in producing content. They are waist resources and an indispensable telemarketing list link for the perfect ecology of video websites, such as papi sauce and office telemarketing list Ono. (3) UGC (User Generated Content) Refers to user-generated content, which is a tail resource. At present, most of the content we see is UGC, telemarketing list uch as this public account you are seeing now. The logic of this is roughly as follows: Platform A uses money to buy OGC’s works and broadcast them exclusively on the platform. At this time, users flood in to watch dramas. The platform will sell members to increase revenue. Users can only watch dramas after buying members. After the drama is over, platform telemarketing list B buys them again. The copyright of another variety show, the user went to buy the members of the B family and flocked to watch the variety show. Can various platforms only operate by buying copyrights in large sums and accepting members in telemarketing list a small range? After the user has finished reading the header content, what should the user see? How long will it last for the state of being unable to make ends meet? Therefore, in order to increase revenue, the platform telemarketing list has embarked on a low-cost self-made road while supporting PGC. Self-made content and PGC bring more user retention at a relatively low cost. In order to let more users stay on the platform and want to do social networking.
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