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Protect your Rights !

5 Rules one should follow as an Artist to protect your Cartoon characters. If you know your rights given in the Copyright Law you can earn benefits by commercializing your cartoon character. Chacha Chaudhary is an example where we are even today reaping it's profits from the sale.

1. Creator is The Owner : As per the Copyright Law an artist who creates a Cartoon or Comics is the rightful owner of his works. He can commercialize and reap profits in Royalty.

2. Get your work registered : Getting your work registered by under Copy Right law or Trade Mark as soon as you conceptualize it. It very important to claim your rights.

3. Always sign an Agreement : I am of the belief an agreement binds two parties together to work as per the agreement. It's beneficial for both of them. It brings confidence while working.

4. Have a good lawyer : Always ... and i insist , Always hire a good lawyer who has experience in Copyright Law. Ask him to draft an agreement so that your rights are protected.

5. Never give away all your rights : Never... ever give away all your rights to one person. No one has ability to exploit your cartoon character in all avenues. Always license your characters for particular rights. It allows the party to focus on platform. For instance a Gaming company can make games. So they should be given right to develop games. But they cannot make TV serials. If you give them right for a TV serial to a Gaming company, his intention is clear to block your rights.

I have an experience of executing more than 600 agreement based on our cartoon characters. I also give free advice to various artists in protecting their rights. If you require any guidance please be free to contact me @ my email

It's free advice ! All writers, artists are welcome.


Nikhil Pran

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Anuj Jain
Anuj Jain
14. Aug. 2023

nice piece of advice. rubber

Gefällt mir
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