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My childhood with 'Chacha Chaudhary'

We all have memories. And we all have wonderful childhood. My memories go back to the days reading Chacha Chaudhary comics which used to be published in Lotpot magazine. It was a weekly magazine. Every monday we would wait when my father, Pran Kumar Sharma would go to Lotpot's office to deliver his comic and get a few magazines. It was fun reading them. My father's office or you may call his studio which was a 10 feet by 10 feet room would work every day drawing cartoons. When ever i would say my dad is a cartoonist friends would be surprised. Because then either someone's father would be working in an office or a business man. I would feel privileged to be the first one to read his comics even before they would get published. My task after coming back from school would be sneak into my father's office and read the comics he would be making.

Every year during summer vacations my friends would be excite to come over my house. We had two full almirah of comic books. Instead of playing with me, they would sit in front of a cooler and read Chacha Chaudhary comics. My job in summer vacation would be to color the comics. Which i really enjoyed. My father would mark the colors and i would meticulously color each page without spill over.

Such were my memories of my childhood. In my future blogs i would also share my father's childhood...

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