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How Comics are created

Everyone loves reading their favorite comics. There are various types of comics such as Political, Action, Manga Comics and Graphic Novels. Each one has a hero and a villain. Hero has certain super powers with which it kills the villain. We all enjoy readying these comics but have you ever thought how much effort goes into making these comics?

Pran ji used to say Cartooning is a stream coming out of journalism. The skills required to be a cartoonist are 1) he should have a good drawing sense and 2) a good story teller. It's a very rare breed. Not many people can qualify of being a cartoonist.

Comic creation starts with an idea which is developed into a story for the artist to draw. An artist first draws rough drawing to depict a scene. Which he then finalizes. These drawings then are given to an inker who inks the drawing drawn by the artist. Later coloring artist adds colors to brightenup the scenes. These pages are then handed over to a compositor. His job is to place the colored pages along with the text to make a comic page.

Previously all the work was done manually. But now everything from start to finish is done with the help of computers. It saves time.

Can you tell how much time does it take to create a Comic Book.

WhatsApp me your answers at 9999977618.

Correct answer will be given one Chacha Chaudhary comic free.


Nikhil Pran

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