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Comics in our life

A cartoonist brings out humour from our daily life which makes us laugh. Making people laugh is the most difficult thing to do. Look at the common man. Every day he gets up to go to office. Daily he commutes by train, metro or bus. He is always under tension. In India there had been great political cartoonists like Sudhir Dhar, R K Laxman, Mario Miranda, Abu Abraham who would capture this common man's life and add suttle humour. We would read their cartoons in newspapers which would publish on the front page. While reading them it would bring a smile on our face. Make us laugh. And we would again be busy in our daily life. A cartoonist had the liberty to sarcastically comment on the ruling Party and the Prime Minister. Even Pt Jawahar Lal Nehru ji would enjoy reading Abu Abraham and R K Laxman's cartoons every day. A country is called Democratic Nation in true sense if it's cartoonist have a free hand in their cartoons. These days i see very few of those cartoons in our newspapers.

Pran ji had always been a comic cartoonist. He created comic characters Chacha Chaudhary, Billoo, Pinki, Raka and Sabu. He was inspired with people around him while creating these cartoons. In his early days of his career, he would take a bus ride, observe people to conceive an idea for his comics. He would always add desi humour in his comics which people would understand and enjoy.

Nikhil Pran

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